Ages 4 months - 1 years

Cuddle, bounce and bop with your baby in our foundations music classes in age-appropriate activities for newborn, infants and crawlers.

In the first years of life, more than 1 million new connections are formed every second in a baby’s growing brain.  The way babies’ brains develop is shaped by their interactions with others.  Every time an infant has a sensory experience, neural pathways are formed.  Every time it’s repeated the learning is strengthened.  The greater number of neural pathways, the greater the brain power.  Rich sensory environments are vital to the brain development of infants.  In a Kindermusik babies class:

  • we understand your baby's development
  • we strengthen those early parent-child bonds through delightful and rewarding interaction with your baby
  • we focus on child development and communication with your baby
  • we sing, we dance, we play and we learn
  • we allow infants to understand and anticipate patterns
  • we play with the steady beat, which underlies our ability to pick up the patterns of language.  
  • cultivate listening skills to enhance language development
  • we include a comprehensive music education kit so that you can continue your class experience at home.   


  • Ages: 4 months -  15 months
  • Size of Class:  maximum of 14 children per class
  • Length of Class:  45 minutes
  • Term Length:  9 consecutive weeks that align with NSW school terms
  • Term Dates: Greater Sydney is currently under stay at home orders apply to all those in Greater Sydney.   Busy Bees Music classes are currently on hold during this time.
  • Parent Involvement:  Grownups join the entire class **
  • Class Offerings: Tuesdays @ 11.30am, Wednesdays @ 12.30pm and Thursdays @ 12.30pm
  • Class Start Dates:  To be advised.
  • How Do I Join? We offer a preview class, before you enrol officially.   We want you to experience everything that our studio has to offer.  During school terms, preview classses are free.  In booking a class over the holiday period though, we do a one class ($22.00) holding deposit.  This means we remove your position from our list of advertised positions, allowing you to preview the class and subsequently enrol directly after your preview.   Should you wish to join us we simply deduct your holding deposit twice from the balance of your fees.  Once as your first class is actually free and twice as you’ve already made a $22.00 payment towards those fees.  If you feel the classes are't a good fit for you an your family, we'll refund your holding deposit at the end of your preview class.  
  • Class Availability:  To check availability, just click on our timetable link HERE, scroll down to find the class you're interested in, click on MORE INFO, scroll down again to EMAIL STUDIO and shoot us an email.  We'll be in touch within 24 hours to book your preview class. 

** Enrolment includes the parent or carer and the enrolled child only.   During COVID restrictions, we are only to accomodate any additional adults with prior arrangement. 

** For the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all families in our our classes we are UNABLE to accomodate unenrolled siblings or non-enrolled children in any of our classes.

All Full Term Enrolments include:  as much fun and learning that we can pack into 45 minutes, but to be specific:

  • 9 x 45 minute consecutive, weekly brain growing classes
  • Parent education support via email and WhatsApp
  • Two themed units of study
  • Two take home Kindermusik kits with a story and instrument/prop in each
  • Infinite access to the Kindermusik app loaded with your class music (Google Play) or the (App Store)
  • One in studio catch up (based on availability)
  • Online, live and recorded options for additional catch ups.

How much does it cost? - All our class fees are the same for all age groups.  Click here for more information.  

Looking forward to meeting you and your family!