At Busy Bees Music our classes align with the NSW school terms.   All your course fees are inclusive of everything you need to enjoy our great classes both in our studio and at home.  There are no registration fees, memberships or annual fees.  Fees are the same for all classes and all age groups.  We offer a paid preview which is fully refundable if you feel the classes aren't a good fit for you and your family other wise we'll deduct it from the full course fees.  All fees are pro-rated for mid term/mid-semester enrolment.  Fees can be paid in the studio, in cash or by any card except American Express via EFTPOS. 

2021 Term Fees course fees are $198.00.     Enrolment includes:

9 x 45 minute weekly brain growing classes

o    Regular parenting emails throughout the term

o    Two themed units of study

o    Two take home music education kits with a story and instrument/prop in each

o    Infinite access to the Kindermusik app loaded with your class music (Google Play) or the (App Store)

o    One in studio catch up (based on availability)

o    Online, live and recorded options for additional catch ups.

Preview Class:  Typically, we do offer the first class free although in booking a class over the holiday period we do a one class ($21.00) holding deposit.  This means we remove your position from our list of advertised positions, allowing you to preview the class and subsequently enrol directly after your preview.   Should you wish to join us we simply deduct your holding deposit twice from the balance of your fees.  Once as your first class is actually free and twice as you’ve already made a $21.00 payment towards those fees.  If you feel the classes are't a good fit for you an your family, we'll refund your holding deposit at the end of your preview class.

Catch Up Classes -  Unless illness prevents you please make every effort to attend your scheduled class as, although we do offer the opportunity to catch up, ultimately they are a privilege and not a right, nor can they be guaranteed.   We have no specific catch up classes, days or times.  We use WhatsApp to manage our catch ups.  If you miss a class you join our WhatsApp group for your class age group.  When a family advises of their inability to attend, we post that spot into our chat thread.  Any families that have missed a class are in our WhatsApp group and from there, are then able to claim a spot by replying to the chat post.  Our WhatsApp system works really well but it is a pay it forward system which relies on families advising us of their inability to attend their scheduled class.  We understand that it isn’t always possible, but where you can, please let us know that you will not be attendance, even if it is the morning of your scheduled class.

Are there any discounts for siblings? - For families with a second child (or twins) attending classes at Busy Bees Music, a one class discount will be applied to the tuition of the younger attending child.  A third child enrolled in classes at Busy Bees Music will receive a $30.00 discount on tuition.

Are there any other discounts? - We value your recommendation of our program to your friends and family.  As a thank you we offer a $15.00 credit towards your next term's enrolment, for every new family you recommend, who continues to full enrolment with Busy Bees Music.  Click here to find out what our families have to say about our program.

Are non-enrolled siblings able to come to class?Our unique classes celebrate the bond between you and your child.  For this reason we are unable to accomodate unenrolled siblings in our classes.  

For more FAQ and to read more about our studio policy click here


2021 Term 3 Dates

Busy Bees Music classes for Term 3 are currently on hold.

From 6pm on Saturday 26 June 2021, a stay at home direction applies to people who live in, usually work in, or usually attend a university or other tertiary education facility in Greater Sydney including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour local government areas.

Our term will commence once stay at home orders have been lifted.